Club directory city of Rastatt

The directory of associations of the city of Rastatt provides you with a comprehensive overview of the diverse landscape of associations in Rastatt. Listed are all associations that have given their consent to this. Therefore, the directory does not claim to be complete.

If you want your association to be included in the directory or if there are any changes, please contact We hope you enjoy discovering the Rastatt club landscape.

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Bezirksgruppe der Gartenfreunde Rastatt e.V.
Hobby Bauern Plittersdorf 2002 e.V.
NABU Kreisverband Mittelbaden
Obst- und Gartenbauverein 1961 Plittersdorf e.V.
Umweltzentrum Rastatt Geschäftsstelle LNV und NABU Kreisverband Mittelbaden